Born in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1994-2000).

For Danish artist Emil Salto, light experiments are a form of intuitive
yet systematic inquiry. The results of Salto’s experiments are carefully
modulated interactions with light and shadow: monochromes, photograms,
and films. Salto uses light as an agent, through which we can touch on
questions of time and space, optics and perception.
In the obscurity of the darkroom, Salto casts light on photosensitive materials.
Intuition and chance tempers the discipline of his working process, resulting in
abstract works that nonetheless constitute concrete traces of Salto’s physical
actions in the darkroom.
Salto’s works are informed by modernism’s language of abstraction and, above all,
its restless spirit of experimentation, and are primarily motivated by the question of
how art can continually shift perception, pointing us back to the elasticity of time and light.